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An Alberta Centennial Project

Recognizing the Drug Store of Alberta's First Pharmacist

As It Was ...


      As It Is Now

Some Background

Setting up a drug store after arriving at Fort Macleod in 1884, J.D. Higinbotham was the first president of the Alberta Pharmaceutical Society and held certificate #1 in that society. He was a community leader and a member of the University of Alberta Senate. As early photos show his building was the centre of town with brother Ed helping give out the mail.

In 1933 J.D. wrote the first history of Southern Alberta. In 1937 he retired from the drug business and returned to Guelph where as a member of the Canadian Authors Association he was vice -president of the Toronto branch. He died in 1961 at 96.

Thirty years ago after reading and being fascinated by his book When the West was Young I made contact with his son, Norman, a New York surgeon and obtained permission to reproduce it as a way of finance my Trek & Kids Collecting History projects.

Much of the history collected in these projects has been made available in book form. Now, as an Alberta 2005 Centennial Project with the support of pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies additional material is being made available on this website.

Features Index

JD comes to Fort Macleod - 1884

JD moves on to Lethbridge - 1885

Home of Alberta's First Pharmacist — It's Still there

Early Remedies

JD's Residences

Publishing When the west was Young - Bob Shiels - Calgary Herald Column -1978

Fathers of Pharmacy Column - 1944

Mackenzie River Journey