ORIS Grant Writing Workshops

The grants facilitation team in the Office of Research & Innovation Services invites faculty to participate in a series of workshops on external funding each spring. Faculty who participate will identify an upcoming funding opportunity to which they wish to apply and then develop an application in modular stages.

Participants are welcome to develop new projects or to revise and strengthen existing ones.

This series is open to any faculty member in the health sciences, social sciences (including education and management), humanities, and fine arts disciplines. It is also designed to cover a broad range of funding opportunities, including but not limited to tri-agency awards.

Some topics to be covered in this series include:

Identifying suitable funding opportunities

  • Understanding scoring processes (especially capability scoring, i.e. CV and research or artistic profile)
  • Examination of successful samples from previous competitions (SSHRC, CIHR, etc.)

Components of a strong proposal

  • Motivating the research question or project aims
  • Context and background
  • Methodology
  • Tone and audience calibration

Building a budget, training plan, and project timeline

  • Costing your project and justifying your costs
  • Assigning team roles and time allocation
  • Training strategies

Partnerships and impact

  • Developing strategies for knowledge mobilization, knowledge translation, audience engagement, etc.
  • Building partnerships that enhance your project

Revising for submission

  • Polishing and final review
  • Crafting an effective project summary
  • Piecing everything together
  • Minor submission modules

Some tasks that participants will complete through this series include:

  • Reading through samples of funded applications
  • Drafting 1-page summary of your project
  • Drafting a proposal (approximately 5 pages)
  • Building a draft budget and training plan
  • Exercises for knowledge mobilization and translation planning