The Department of Geography offers a number of programs (click link to access Program Planning Guides):

Major's in Geography are 40- course degree programs. Students pursuing a BSc, BA, or BASc in Geography can declare a Concentration in Geographical Information Science (GIS).

A multidisciplinary major in Archaeology and Geography for the 40- course Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree programs. Students in both the BA and BSc programs have the opportunity to declare a Concentration in Geographical Information Science (GIS).

The post-diploma BSc in Geography, with a Concentration in Geographical Information Science, is a two-year program directed toward graduates of approved college programs in geography, geomatics and land resource information systems. Graduates of other diploma programs in geography will also be considered. Visit Admissions for a list of colleges with approved diplomas.

Students who have selected a General Major in the Social Sciences or Sciences can select Geography as one of their three streams.

Students can select Geography as the BA or BSc major for the Combined BA/BEd, BSc/BEd or BA/BMgt, BSc/Mgt programs.

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The Department of Geography also participates in the delivery of the following programs:

Geography offers a variety of courses in the following catagories: