English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

An English language program designed for students seeking admission to a University of Lethbridge program who have not yet met the English Language Proficiency (ELP) admission requirements. For more information, see University of Lethbridge International or visit www.ulethbridge.ca/international/EAP.

English Language Proficiency (ELP)

All applicants to the University of Lethbridge and Open Studies registrants must demonstrate English language proficiency sufficient to meet the demands of classroom instruction, written assignments, and participation in tutorials and discussions. This requirement may be met in a variety of ways (see Admission, English Language Requirements).

Equivalent Courses

Courses that can be substituted, one for the other, to meet any specified course requirement. The regulations that apply to repeated courses also apply to equivalent courses. Students should note, in particular, the calculation of grade point average (see Academic Regulations, Repeat of a Course). Courses that are equivalent are denoted with an ‘Equivalent’ course element in the course description.

Exchange Student

A student enrolled at their home post-secondary institution who is attending another post-secondary institution under an approved exchange program.

Extended Drop Deadline

Last day in each term and summer session when students may cancel registration (drop courses) before tuition, program, and compulsory fees are non-refundable. Courses that are dropped by the Extended Drop Deadline do not appear on transcripts. For more information, see Registration, Course Registration, and Fees, Cancellations, Refunds and Withdrawals. For Extended Drop Deadlines, see the Academic Schedule. See also Add/Drop and Withdrawal.

Extra-to-Program Course Credit

University of Lethbridge and transferable course credit that cannot be used to meet program requirements. Examples of course credit that may be deemed extra-to-program include a University of Lethbridge course taken outside a student’s program requirements or eligible electives, one of a substantially similar course pair, and awarded institutional transferable course that does not fulfill program requirements or does not meet program residence requirements. Extra-to-program course credit is maintained on the student record and calculated into applicable grade point averages. Should students change programs, previous extra-to-program course credit should be reviewed to determine if it may be used to meet the program requirements of the new program. (See Admission, Transfer Credit, and Academic Regulations, Exceeding Course Limits).