Cancellations, Refunds and Withdrawals


To cancel course registration (drop courses) before incurring a withdrawal grade on transcripts or incurring tuition, compulsory, and program-related fees, students must cancel their registration by the Extended Drop deadline for the term or session through the Bridge. For Extended Drop deadlines, see the Academic Schedule.


Cancellation - When cancellation of course registration occurs prior to the Extended Drop deadline, related tuition, compulsory, and program-related fees for cancelled courses are reversed from the student’s account, depending on the degree program.

Over-payments - Any eligible payment received on a student account that exceeds non-refundable fees incurred will be refunded to the student upon their request to the Cash Office. Date restrictions may apply to scholarship refunds.

Refunds can be received by cheque/direct deposit (within four weeks of request), or debit (Cash Office from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday with valid picture identification). Students are encouraged to take advantage of direct deposit refunds by entering their banking information on the Bridge - Student Account area, and will then contact the Cash Office to request the refund. International students transferring to another Canadian post secondary institution may request their refund be paid directly to the new institution. Additional information and approvals from the student and institution would be required. Please contact the Cash Office directly to determine if this is an option for international refunds. Otherwise, international funds are refunded in the same method as they were originally received.

The University reserves the right to offer classes by varying modes of instruction, which may include classes being provided either in-person or by remote instruction. No fee refunds will be provided in the event the modality of how courses are delivered is changed.


After the Extended Drop deadline, students can withdraw from a course or their complete registration up to the last day of classes in a term or session as specified in the Academic Schedule. After the Extended Drop deadline, courses are assessed 100% of tuition, compulsory, and program-related fees. See also Registration, Withdrawal.