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Daycare Questions

Application & Waitlist Questions

Daycare Questions

What are your fees?

Shown below are the daycare fees assessed by the operator, University Kid's Campus Daycare.  The daycare fees are determined by University Kid's Campus Daycare.

Age Group Type of Care Fee (as of September 1, 2018)
12-18 months Full Time $900
19 months - 6 years Full Time $825
Current government subsity rates are available through University Kid's Campus Daycare.

Other key payment information: 

  • There is a $50 non-refundable registration fee payable to University Kid's Campus Daycare.
  • Payments are due on the 1st of the month.  There is a $20 charge for NSF cheques.
  • Parents will be charged $5 for every 5 minutes per child that they are late picking up their child without proper notice given to the centre.

To enquire about the Government subsidy, please go to the following website:

What are the hours and days of operation?

The daycare centre operations are 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday.  The daycare centre is closed on statutory holidays and holiday periods during which the University is closed.

What age of children do you accept?

The daycare centre accepts children from 12 months to 6 years and provides pre-toddler, toddler and preschool services.

Are there drop-in services?

No. We only accept full time care. The daycare centre will only accept children for full-time childcare spaces.  The Alberta Government requires specific staffing requirements and ratios and to ensure that these are met, the daycare operator will only accept full-time childcare applications.

What training does your staff have? Are you licensed?

All operators, caregivers and staff have the provincially specified certification levels and accreditation requirements.  University Kid's Campus Daycare Ltd. received accreditation status in November 2011. 

What is your philosophy?

Please contact the Day Care and speak with Jen Wagner at 403-332-4064.


Application & Waitlist Questions

Who will have access to the daycare facility spaces?

The Students’ Union, Faculty Association, and the Graduate Students Association all contributed to the construction costs of the new daycare facility. Because of this contribution, these three groups have been designated the first priority users of the 51 childcare space facility.  Other user groups will be given access to the facility’s available childcare spaces based on the following priorities:

User Group Priority
Children of students (undergraduate and graduate) and Faculty members 1st
Children of University employees other than faculty members (AUPE, APO, Exempt, Executive Directors, Senior Administration, research) 2nd
Children of individuals who do not fall into the above 2 priority categories 3rd

How are the daycare spaces allocated?

The initial 51 spaces in the daycare are allocated to 1st priority groups and will follow the daycare waitlist process and selection criteria.

Each of the 1st priority groups (Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students and Faculty) will be allocated a specific number of childcare spaces within the facility and each 1st priority group will have its own waitlist.  For example, if an undergraduate student childcare space becomes available then the individual at the top of the Undergraduate Student waitlist will be offered the childcare space. If there is no one on that waitlist, the position will be filled by the next individual on the 1st priority waitlist.

The 2nd priority group (children of University employees other than faculty) will be given access to the next available childcare space as long as the Undergraduate Student, Faculty and Graduate Students waitlists are vacant.  

The 3rd priority group will be given access to the childcare spaces when the 1st or 2nd priority group waitlists are all vacant.

How do I get my name on the waitlist?

To be placed on a waitlist, you MUST fill out an online application form, found on the University daycare website.

Any other communications (verbal or written) will NOT be accepted as an application and will not be included on the priority group waitlists.  

3rd Priority Group applications are NOT being accepted at this time.

How do you handle sibling applications?

When submitting a new application, you must fill out one child form per child.  Individuals may add additional children/siblings to an application at any time by filling out the child form again.  Your queue on the application waitlist will be determined by the date in which the first child's application was originally submitted.  Any changes you make to your application while on the waitlist, including the addition of a child/sibling will not affect your spot in the waitlist queue.

I have submitted an application but my information has changed. What do I do?

Individuals are responsible for ensuring that all information on the online application form is up to date and correct. Individuals may update applications at any time by logging into the Daycare site and editing their submissions.  Spaces will only be given to individuals within the correct waitlist queue and to the child disclosed on the application.