University of Lethbridge Alumni Association (ULAA)

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Letter from the President

Over the years, many individuals have been proud to call this university their own. As president of the University of Lethbridge Alumni Association, I am honoured to represent the more than 40,000 U of L alumni worldwide.

I hope you share my pride in our alma mater and all we have accomplished so far. And on the eve of our 50th anniversary, I hope you know this is just the beginning.

As alumni, we play an important role in the U of L’s story – we represent its past and will help shape its future. Whether you live in Lethbridge, or across the world, there are many opportunities to connect with your fellow alumni and deepen your connection to our university. I encourage you to connect with each other to celebrate the achievements of your fellow alumni and the success of our community.

Remember: big movements begin with small acts. Connect with us on the U of L Alumni Facebook page. Share your story and learn more about other alumni by celebrating their stories. And most importantly, let others know that you’re a U of L graduate, and help spread the world about the difference our university and fellow alumni are making in communities around the world.


Randy Kobbert (BMgt ’86)

President, University of Lethbridge Alumni Association

Mission Statement

The University of Lethbridge Alumni Association is a non-profit organization constisiting of all University of Lethbridge Alumni. The Association encourages and fosters lifelong commitment, pride and passion for the University of Lethbridge by:

  • Celebrating and connecting alumni
  • Supporting Students
  • Engaging our community

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