Ross Hole

At one of the camps near the head of the Bitterroot Valley, some of the Nez Perce began to sense that something was wrong.

But there was something — a feeling some of us could not understand. One morning a young man who had medicine power rode about camp, calling loudly to the people, "My brothers, my sisters, I am telling you! In a dream last night I saw myself killed. I will be killed soon! I do not care. I am willing to die. But first, I will kill some soldiers. I shall not turn back from the death. We are all going to die!'

This young man was Wahlitits [Shore Crossing].... He was killed only a few days later in our next battle, the Big Hole....

Lone Bird, a brave fighter, also rode about one camp wanting more hurry. His voice reached all the people as he warned, "My shaking heart tells me trouble and death will overtake us if we make no hurry through this land! can not smother, I can not hide that which I see. I must speak what is revealed to me. Let us begone to the buffalo country!'

Yellow Wolf



The Nez Perce Flight to Canada - An Introduction

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