Postdoctoral Fellows

Wieden Group

Dr. Soumya Deo
Project: TBD
PhD - University of Manitoba (2015)
MRes - University of Glasgow (2008)
MSc - Utkal University (2004)
Dr. Jumai Abioye
Project: TBD
PhD - University of Glasgow (2018)
MSc - University of Glasgow (2014
BSc - University of Ilorin (2011)

Kothe Group

Dr. Govardhan Reddy Veerareddygari
Project: Characterization of Yeast Standalone Pseudouridine Synthases
PhD - University of Louisville (2014)
MSc - University of Louisville (2012)

Dr. Julia Guegueniat
Project: TBD

 Thakor Group

Dr. Joseph Ross
Project: Defining the role of eIF5B in non-canonical translation initiation, cell cycle arrest and apoptosis

PhD - University of Western Ontario
BMSc - University of Western Ontario

 Wetmore Group

Dr. Mohamed Aboelgna
ProjectCatalytic Mechanisms of DNA Repair Enzymes
PhD - University of Windsor (2017)

Dr. Preethi P. Seelam
ProjectCatalytic Mechanisms of Ribozymes
PhD - International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India (2018)