PhD Students

Wieden Group

Luc Roberts
Project: Single molecule studies on the structural dynamics of translation factors and RNAs
BSc - University of Lethbridge (2012)

Dylan Girodat
Project: Computational models of translational GTPases and ribosome complexes
BSc - University of Lethbridge (2012)

Harland Brandon
Project: Structural and functional dynamics of alternative translational GTPases
BSc - University of Lethbridge (2012)

Taylor Sheahan
Project: Rationally Designed RNA Regulators of Gene Expression
MESc - Western University (2015)
BSc - Queen's University (2013) 


Dustin Smith
Project: TBD
BSc - University of Lethbridge (2013)
MSc - University of Lethbridge (2016)

Dora Capatos
Project: Mapping interaction sites of tRNA with novel ligands that regulate bacterial translation
MSc - University of Alberta
BSc - University of Lethbridge
Davinder Kaur
Project: Reduced complexity proteins
BSc - Guru Ghasidas Central University, Bilaspur(C.G.), India (2012)
MSc - Pondicherry University, India (2014)

Russell Group

David McWatters
Project: Structure and Evolution of RNA Processing RNPs in Protists

BSc - University of Lethbridge (2013)


Aroura Gagnon
Project: TDB

Kothe Group

Sarah Schultz
Project: Hierarchy of tRNA modifications

MSc since 2016, transferred to the PhD program in 2018
BSc Biochemistry – University of Lethbridge (2016)

Wetmore Group

Stefan Lenz
Project: Towards Understanding DNA and RNA Hydrolysis Facilitated by DNA Glycosylases and RNA Hydrolases
BSc - University of Lethbridge (2013)
Katie Wilson
Project: Molecular Basis of the Mutagenic Replication of DNA Adducts
BSc - University of Lethbridge (2013)
Ryan Kung
ProjectInfluence of DNA Nucleobase Bulky Damage on Cellular Processes
BSc - University of Lethbridge (2015)

Thakor Group

Dianevys Gonzàlez-Peña Fundora
Project: TBD
Jean Claude Nshogozabahizi
Project: TBD
Rachana Jayant Muley
Project: TBD

Zovoilis Group

Yubo Cheng
Project: TBD