MSc Students

Wieden Group

Justin Vigar
Project: Design and study of translation regulation elements located in the 5'-UTR of mRNAs and their synthetic biology applications
BSc - University of Lethbridge (2012)

Rhys Hakstol
ProjectCharacterizing RNA-based tools for use in synthetic biology
BSc - University of Lethbridge (2014)

Jalyce Heller
Project: Elucidating the molecular mechanism of ribosome recruitment during non canonical 5`UTR-mediated translation initiation
BSc - University of Lethbridge (2015)

Cristina Carvalho Barbosa de Souza
Project: Insights of potential ribosome-associated non coding RNA in E. coli cells

BSc - Universidade Estadual Paulista (2016)

Kothe Group

Dominic Czekay
Project: Target RNA Recognition by pseudouridine synthases
BSc Biochemistry – University of Lethbridge (2016)

Elijah Dueck
Project: TBD
BSc Biochemistry – University of Lethbridge (2017)
Tim Vos
Project: TBD
BSc Biochemistry – University of Lethbridge (2018)

Wetmore Group

Hanzala Hussain
ProjectEffects of RNA Modifications on Structure and Function
BSc - University of Lethbridge (2016)

Rajwinder Kaur
Project: Phosphodiester Bond Hydrolysis by Metalloenzymes
BSc - Panjab University, Chandigarh (2015)
MSc - Panjab University, Chandigarh (2017)
Priya Bhutani
Project: Effect of Thymine Alkylation Damage on DNA Replication
BSc - University of New Brunswick (2016)
Briana Boychuk
Project: Metal Contamination in Soil
BSc - Brandon University (2017)

Patel Group

Tyler Mrozowich
Project: TBD

Zovoilis Group

Chris Isaac
Project: TBD