Teaching-related research

The following reports deal with teaching-related research. Some reports may be from past research while others may be ongoing.

I was given support through the Teaching Development Fund to facilitate an inter-disciplinary workshop  and analyze the teaching methods that the expert uses as well as the learning that takes place. I am pleased to report that this workshop was held just before the world closed because of Covid-19 and was enormously successful.


On February 21st and 22nd , visual artist and Lieutenant Governor award winner Rita McKeough travelled to Lethbridge and led about 20 people through an inter-disciplinary workshop. While our students were primarily undergraduate, we also had some Master’s and PhD candidates as well. Disciplines included New Media, Art, Music, Theatre, Education and Management. Teams were formed and tasked with finding solutions to the challenges that Rita set up.


Throughout the workshop, Rita challenged the student teams to carefully listen to each other – to try and identify what specific skills or approaches were being brought forward. She asked us to consider if looking through a different academic lens might impact our decision making and end goal.

The entire workshop was filmed and edited by New Media students, and is almost completed. Funds from the Teaching Development Fund were used to pay students, purchase supplies and snacks for the attendees.

Once the documentary film is complete, it will be posted to my New Media Intersections site. Plans are underway to work with the Fine Arts research group Asterix to further the discussion of how interdisciplinary learning can be encouraged.