Restoring Crowdmark Assessments

We had a glitch with Crowdmark and the LTI key had been disconnected. This meant all our previously created assessments were unavailable. But we have worked with Crowdmark to restore the connection. However, there are still a few steps you need to take on the Moodle side of things in order to restore the assessment. Below are instructions detailing what you need to do.

Your previous assessments will probably have a puzzle icon instead of the the Crowdmark icon. This is how you can identify your assessments.

1. Turn editing on

Turn Editing On

2. Identify the file you need to reconfigure

Assignment needing change

3. Choose Edit Settings from the Edit dropdown menu

edit settings

4. Now you need to set the Preconfigured tool to be a Crowdmark Assessment via the drop down menu next to Preconfigure tool

Preconfigured tool dropdown menu

5. Be sure to save the file.


6. Your icons should now have a Crowdmark icon associated with it and should now connect to your previously created assessment when you click on it.

Fixed icon

NOTE.:  If you have problems syncing your grades with Moodle after this fix, you will need to export grades as a CSV file and import them into the Moodle Gradebook.