Erin Reid

Erin Reid
As a Teaching Development Facilitator, my role is to help faculty with all aspects of their teaching. I engage in faculty observations and feedback, pedagogical consulting, course design and redesign, workshop creation and delivery, among other tasks. To the talented Teaching Centre team, I bring over 20 years of teaching experience across sectors, the last 10 years of which have been spent teaching in higher education. I firmly believe that teaching and learning are mutually dependent; as such, my work in teaching and learning is also deeply informed by my academic background (BEd, MA, and PhD Candidate in education) -- I am definitely a lifelong learner! I look forward to supporting faculty across a wide range of disciplines and experience, but some areas of my own expertise and interest include:
  • Equitable classrooms
  • Community building
  • Compassionate education
  • Online and blended teaching
  • Language teaching
  • Student engagement/active learning
  • Teaching philosophies and portfolios
  • Reflective teaching practice
  • Purposeful and effective feedback¬†