Join us each week for practical strategies to help you improve your academic skills and flourish as a student. This semester, workshops are offered in-person on Wednesdays from 12-12:30PM in room TH241 and virtually through Zoom on Fridays from 11-11:30AM


Sept 14 & 16: Time Management and Creating a Study Schedule

The semester has just begun but coursework can pile up quickly! Join us for practical tips on to how stay organized, keep up with coursework and find balance in your life.

Sept 14 (In-person); link to register:

Sept 16 (Zoom); link to register:


Sept 21 & 23: Study Strategies

Ever wondered if your study skills are on track for university? Join us to learn proven study techniques and how to maximize your review time.

Sept 21 (In-person); link to register:

Sept 23 (Zoom); link to register:


Sept 28: Note-Taking Skills

Note-taking is an essential academic skill that can take time to develop. We will review ways to improve your notetaking and help you get the most out of your lectures.

Sept 28 (In-person); link to register:

*No Zoom presentation this week


Oct 5 & 7: Preparing for Exams

Stuck in a cycle of cramming for exams? We will cover why starting early is key, how to prepare for different types of exams and strategies you can use during your test.

Oct 5 (In-person); link to register:

Oct 7 (Zoom); link to register:


Oct 12 & 14: Habits for Success

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it is often the result a series of small habits built up over time. Join us to learn about the power of habits and how they can support your academic goals.

Oct 12 (In-person); link to register:

Oct 14 (Zoom); link to register:


Oct 19 & 21: Effective Study Groups

Study groups can have a positive impact on your learning and are a great way to connect with your peers. Learn how to create a study group that is both effective and supportive.

Oct 19 (In-person); link to register:

Oct 21 (Zoom); link to register:


Oct 26 & 28: Reading Strategies

Are your articles piling up? Feel like you can’t remember what you just read? Not sure what to take notes of? This week we will cover how to get more out of your textbooks in less time.

Oct 26 (In-person); link to register:

Oct 28 (Zoom); link to register:


Nov 2 & 4: Building Focus

Maintaining focus can be challenging, especially with so many distractions around us. This week we will provide strategies to help you stay on task longer and increase productivity.

Nov 2 (In-person); link to register:

Nov 4 (Zoom); link to register:


Nov 16 & 18: Reducing Procrastination

Have you ever procrastinated by watching videos about procrastination? Join us for one of our most popular topics – how to reduce academic procrastination and build motivation.

Nov 16 (In-person); link to register:

Nov 18 (Zoom); link to register:


Nov 23 & 25: Top Study Skills and Exam Prep Tips

We are combining our top two workshops into one! This week we will cover our best study strategies and test taking tips.

Nov 23 (In-person); link to register:

Nov 25 (Zoom); link to register:


Nov 30 & Dec 2: Finishing the Semester Strong

You are on the homestretch! Join us to learn how to finish your semester with success, including why taking care of your well-being is an important learning strategy.

Nov 30 (In-person); link to register:

Dec 2 (Zoom); link to register: