Academic Resilience Group

We know that University can be hard sometimes, especially this past year. But learning better, feeling better and doing better is possible!


Join our Academic Resilience group as we meet to discuss specific learning strategies and how, when paired with thriving skills and other resources, you can create a new and more meaningful academic path for yourself. This group is geared towards students who have completed at least one semester but is open to everyone.


For the Spring 2023 semester, our group will meet on Mondays at 2PM in AH175 (Anderson Hall, Lethbridge campus)

To sign up, simply email: Yup, it’s that easy!   (Or use the links to RSVP for individual events listed below.)


Here is a look at the topics being covered this semester:

January 23: Learn to Love Being a Student (Again!)

Welcome to the Academic Resilience group! In this session, we will introduce the program and discuss how resiliency, growth mindset and effective learning strategies can help you to thrive instead of just survive.

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January 30: Creating Habits for Success

Learn how small changes can make a meaningful impact on both your academic and personal lives. We will discuss how to identify and implement new positive habits, tips on making them automatic, and where to seek additional support when needed. Following this week, you will have the ability to apply a growth mindset to habit formation when pursuing academic and personal success.

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February 6: Time Management & Finding Balance

Coursework can quickly pile up and feel overwhelming. We will discuss tools and techniques to help you create a plan for the semester, how to be more productive and why finding balance is equally important for your success.

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February 13: Optimism & Effective Study Skills

Approaching difficult tasks from a positive perspective can be challenging at times. Join us to learn how optimism is a tool for success and how it can compliment well-developed study skills. We’ll also talk about proven study techniques, why they are effective and how you can implement these for different courses.

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February 27: Calm & Confident Test Taking

Learn how you can feel calmer and more confident during your next exam. Discussions include finding steadiness in the stress, how to prepare for different types of exams, strategies to use during the exam, and everything in-between.

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March 6: Gratitude & Building Focus

Maintaining focus can be challenging, especially with so many distractions around us. This week we will provide strategies to help you stay on task longer and increase productivity. We will also discuss the importance of gratitude for yourself, your academic progress, and your future personal growth.

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March 13: Sleep & Physical Activity as Learning Strategies

Most of know that sleep and exercise are important, but have you ever really thought why? This week we investigate the important role these activities play on our learning and how we can use them as a tool for success. By the end of the session, you will understand the benefits of sleep and exercise while gaining strategies to improve both.

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March 20: Procrastination, Motivation & Writing Strategies

Why do we procrastinate? How can I stop? This week we’ll explore those questions and help you to recognize and prevent procrastination before it occurs. You will learn how you can use these strategies and apply them to daunting projects like writing assignments.

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March 27: Compassion & Connections

University can be hard but it’s a little easier when we show some compassion to ourselves and have a community of support around us. Well talk about the importance of community, how to communicate with your professors and helpful resources to check out.

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April 3: Transitions

As the semester ends, it’s important to take time to reflect on the semester and your personal growth. What were your successes? What will you build upon next semester? What tools will you use to stay on track? We will also discuss the importance of gratitude for yourself and your academic progress!

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