Player/Team Conduct Penalties

This section includes general guidelines that the Intramural coordinator will follow when suspensions are warranted

  • All suspensions must be served concurrently, starting the date immediately following the date of the offense. Suspensions may carry forward to the next season depending on the length of the penalty assessed (ie. If the league ends before the suspensions is over). Also, in extreme circumstances participant(s) may be penalized to the fullest extent as outlined in the student discipline section of the University of Lethbridge Calendar.
  • Game suspensions will cover all Intramural sports for that suspension period (eg. If a player is playing in 2 sports, floor hockey and volleyball, and receives a 1 game suspension in floor hockey the player must sit out 1 game in floor hockey and 1 game in volleyball).
  • The penalties assessed for each suspension may vary depending upon the severity and circumstances of the incident. Thus, each suspension will be handled on an individual basis by the Intramural Coordinator. The penalties for suspension stated here are the minimum standard, additional penalties may be assessed depending on circumstances.
  • Following are minimum criteria for Game Disqualification penalties: (exclude physical abuse of an official suspension; handled separately)

1) First Game Disqualification: One (1) Game Suspension
2) Second Game Disqualification (within one calendar year) Four (4) Game Suspension
3) Third Game Disqualification (within one calendar year) One (1) Calendar Year Suspension

The following process will be followed by Recreation Services

1) Recording of incident(s)
2) Intramural Coordinator meeting with participant regarding incident(s)
3) A written contract drafted detailing suspension, accepted or rejected by participant
4) Phone call and/or email to team captain regarding team member(s) suspension(s) and penalty(s).