Rental Rates

RENTAL RATES (April 2018 to March 2019)

Rental rates are charged based on the category of user group. Discounts are available for community organizations and non-profit groups (25%), University departments and clubs (50%) and Pronghorn sponsored activities (75%). Additional staff costs may apply, depending on the facility booked and the type of activity. Stadium lights and snow removal are extra.

1st Choice Savings Centre (unreduced prices per hour)

Multi-purpose Rooms   $53.00
One Gym$61.00
Two Gyms$121.25
Three Gyms$182.00
Indoor Running Track           $44.75
Indoor Track Meets$78.25

Max Bell Pool (unreduced prices per hour)

Full Pool Rental           $233.75
Half Pool Rental$117.00
Lane Rental                        $15.75

U of L Community Sports Stadium (actual prices)

Full Outdoor Stadium    $273.50
Artificial Turf - Adult$110.25
Artificial Turf - Youth$55.25
High School Football Games  $110.25
School Track Meets$110.25