Floor Hockey Rules

Generally, Ice Hockey rules apply to infractions, except:

  • Five (5) players on the floor at one time (includes goalie)
  • All jewelry (ie. rings, earrings, chains, watches, and bracelets) must be removed, or taped, prior to the start of each game. This is to protect all participants
  • Only clean non-marking gymnasium footwear to be worn; Hiking-style footwear is not permitted
  • Players may not throw the ball forward, they may only drop it to their feet (an open hand pass is permitted provided the pass is touched by an opponent first). This applies for defensive and offensive zones
  • No slap shots – the stick must remain below the waist (includes goaltenders). This includes the backswing and the follow-through. (Penalty: loss of possession of ball). Persistent infringement of this rule will result in a high sticking (five (5) minute) penalty

Free Play

  • If the ball rolls into the corner the first player into the corner will be permitted a ‘Free Play’ out of the corner (at the discretion of the referee). If the ball rolls out of play (ie. under bleachers, out door, into another court) the last player to have control of the ball will be permitted a ’Free Play’ out of the nearest corner. In the opinion of the referee, if a player purposely takes the ball into the corner to gain an advantage he/she will be penalized by loss of possession of the ball at that point
  • ‘Free Play’: The opposing team must allow the opposing player AT LEAST five (5) feet to put the ball in play. The player in control of the ball has a MAXIMUM of five (5) seconds to put the ball into play, and, MAY NOT stick handle the ball down the floor, he/she must pass (or shoot) the ball either to a teammate or down the floor. A goal cannot be scored DIRECTLY from a ‘Free Play’
  • Any ball that gets caught on the netting of the goal will be ruled a dead ball. The defending team will receive a ‘Free Play’ from behind their goal line. However, if in the opinion of the referee a player deliberately knocks the ball onto the netting of the goal the ‘Free Play’ will be awarded to the non-offending team, to be taken from the corner behind the goal line


  • All penalties will result in a two (2) or five (5) minute penalty assessed to the offending team. Any player that receives two (2) five (5) minute penalties during the course of a single game will be disqualified for the remainder of the game. (Refer to rules of disqualification for further details). ** If a player receives a penalty within the last five (5) minutes of the game an automatic one (1) game suspension will follow. (Length of suspension will depend on incident report)
  • The maximum a team may play short-handed is two (2) players at any given time
  • Coincidental penalties: each team will play short-handed for the duration of the penalty. Both players will serve the full time of the penalty, regardless of the number of goals scored during the time of the penalty
  • Body checking or intentional body contact is not permitted
  • Any team substitute, which interferes with the play while sitting (or standing) on, or near, the bench will receive a five (5) minute interference penalty


  • Goalie may not leave his/her crease to deliberately trap the ball and delay the game. Also, the goalie must either play the ball with his/her stick or leave the ball behind the net or goal line for his/her teammate (ie. Goalie may not throw the ball forward). (Penalty: loss of possession of the ball, ‘free play’ awarded to non-offending team to be taken from the corner behind the goal line)
  • If the goaltender legitimately freezes the ball and the whistle is blown the defending team will receive a ’free play’ from behind their goal line
  • Only the goalie may stand in the crease. Opposing players may not stand in the crease area, or, interfere with the goaltender within the crease area. (Penalty: five (5) minute interference penalty.)(At the discretion of the referee)


  • The throwing of a stick at the ball will results in an automatic penalty shot for the non-offending team
  • Endangerment with the stick. This infraction will cover all careless or inappropriate uses of the floor hockey stick. Any player who uses his/her stick in a manner that endangers, or potentially could endanger, the safety of an opponent (i.e. slash, spear, crosscheck, or high stick) will be penalized for endangerment with the stick. REMEMBER: all players are responsible for their action with their floor hockey stick


  • Teams are requested to remain in the hallway until the current game is completed
  • Fighting, unsporting conduct,k, or deliverate intent to injure will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic disqualification
  • Winning is not everything - Participate and have fun!