Ascent Climbing Centre

With 2,000 square feet of modular climbing and a large bouldering cave, the Ascent Climbing Centre offers day passes, beginner lessons, lead and rappelling courses, group bookings, birthday parties and youth programs


The Ascent Climbing Centre is part of the group of facilities located within the 1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport & Wellness. The main wall and bouldering cave are open during drop-in access times for those who are Belay certified. 

Bouldering Cave

Bouldering is climbing without a rope and harness in a low height environment. After a quick orientation, the Bouldering Cave can be accessed during drop-in times.

Auto Belays

Always wanted to just come in and try climbing, but didn’t have a partner? Now you can, with a quick orientation on how to get started.



If it is your first time to The Ascent Climbing Centre, please fill out the Adult Climbing Waiver and bring it with you.

If the participant is a minor, please have a  parent or legal guardian complete the Minor Participant Consent form.


Introduction to Climbing: For those who are interested in learning proper use of climbing equipment and the basics of climbing and belaying. After completion of this 3 hour course, you and a partner will be able to come climb and use the ropes on a regular basis! Certification is complete after a short competency test the next time you climb.Bouldering Cave: Bouldering is climbing without a rope and harness in a low height environment. You can come in a climb in our bouldering cave with a quick orientation.

Lead Climbing Course: This 4 hour course will teach you to use the ‘sharp end’ of the rope. Participants of this course must have taken the Introductory Course, have a minimum climbing ability of 5.9, confident use of the ATC, and approval from our staff. This course is required for those wishing to use our awesome lead climbing routes. 16+ years of age.

Rappelling Course: This 4 hour course will teach you the basics of rappelling and rope management with all the basic rappelling devices. 14+ years of age.

Youth Opportunities

ROCKSTARS Youth Climbing: Is your child climbing all over everything and looking for a challenge and some fun? This program will teach your child the basics of climbing, belaying and bouldering. For all those 8 - 16 years of age.

Adventure Youth: This climbing program will teach youth the basics of climbing, belaying and bouldering. We practice these skills indoors and then at the end of the session we hope to take the group outdoors and climb on the real thing. This course aims to teach our climbers as much as they can learn from our sport.

Youth Climbing Summer Camps: For kids ages 8 - 14 years of age. These exciting camps introduce our campers to the basics of climbing and belaying. During the week we will also include other activities & games both indoor and outdoor, survivor challengers and swimming.

Competitive Youth Climbing Team: Our climbers train specifically to compete in local and national competitions. Invite only but inquire if you are interested. Contact for further information.

Birthday Parties: Looking something adventurous for a birthday party? Come climb our walls! Our staff will belay and supervise one hour on the big wall and our bouldering cave.