Terms Used During Registration

a.The Bridge

The University’s online registration system is available for all students on the Bridge. Continuing students and newly admitted students who have activated their enrolment by accepting their Offer of Admission and paying their tuition deposit will receive full instructions on how to complete registration on the Bridge via their University of Lethbridge email.

b.Year of Student

Students are classified by year according to the number of credit hours they have successfully completed; this does not include courses in which the student is currently registered.


Successfully Completed Credit Hours

(Term Course Equivalents)


0 - 29.5

(0 - 9)


30 - 59.5

(10 - 19)


60 - 89.5

(20 - 29)


90 - 119.5

(30 - 39)


120 and above

(40 and above)

c.Full-time and Part-time

1.Full-time and Part-time Credit Load

A full-time undergraduate student is registered in a minimum of 9.0 credit hours or one Co-operative Education Work Experience course per term. The usual course load for a full-time undergraduate student is 15.0 credit hours per term.

A part-time undergraduate student is registered in fewer than 9.0 credit hours.

For more information, see Full-time Student and Part-time Student in the Glossary.

2.Maximum Credit Load

Each Faculty and School has legislated maximum enrolment per term for continuing students, including those in good standing and those on probation. For more information see Maximum Credit Hours, and the Academic Standards section in the applicable Faculty/School part of the Calendar.

d.Visiting and Exchange Students

1.University of Lethbridge Students Studying Elsewhere (Outgoing)

Within the residence requirement of the Faculty or School in which they are enrolled, continuing students in good standing at the University of Lethbridge may be authorized to take courses at another post-secondary institution. Students who are required to or wish to study as an authorized visiting or exchange student at another institution must follow these procedures:

a.Students must apply using an Application for Visiting Student Authorization form or an Application for Exchange Student Authorization form from the appropriate Faculty or School. Approval in writing must be obtained from the appropriate Faculty or School prior to commencement of studies elsewhere. Refer to the Academic Schedule for applicable deadlines.

b.The student is registered in a placeholder course during terms of approved absence from the University of Lethbridge. This allows the student to retain continuing student status.

c.The student will register along with other continuing students for the term following the approved absence, according to the registration instructions for continuing students.

d.If the student wishes to extend the approved absence, prior approval must be obtained from the appropriate Faculty or School. Otherwise, when the student subsequently applies for readmission, it will be according to the policies and procedures pertaining to students returning after an absence (see Admission, Returning After an Absence).

e.It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that an official academic transcript of grades earned as a visiting or exchange student at another institution is sent to Student Enrolment and Registrar Services. See also Admission, Transfer of Credits for University of Lethbridge Students Studying Elsewhere.

For some University of Lethbridge programs, students are required to take courses at another institution under a Visiting Student Authorization. In these circumstances, courses taken under Visiting Student Authorization will be counted as University of Lethbridge courses for residence requirement purposes (see Academic Regulations, Residence Requirements and Time Limits).

2.Students from Other Institutions (Incoming)

Visiting and exchange students from other institutions register for courses at the University of Lethbridge as Open Studies students (see Open Studies Student).

See also Admission, Information for Incoming Visiting Students and Information for Incoming Exchange Students.

e.Audit a Course

To audit a course, a student must have permission from the instructor to attend classes with the understanding that the student may not participate in class discussions (except by invitation of the instructor), submit assignments or sit for examinations. No course credit is granted for the course. An Audit Registration form must be submitted to Student Enrolment and Registrar Services by the indicated deadline. Refer to the Academic Schedule for applicable deadlines.

English Language Proficiency (ELP) is not a requirement to audit a course.

Non-admitted students auditing a course are granted the same access to University services as community users.

f.Open Studies Student

Open Studies student registration allows individuals to register in courses without being admitted to a University program. Registration as an Open Studies student is available to any individual not currently admitted to a University program, with some restrictions.

The following conditions apply to registration as an Open Studies student:

1.Open Studies student enrolment does not constitute formal admission to a University program.

2.Students must complete the Open Studies Registration form and submit it, along with the registration fee and deposit, to Student Enrolment and Registrar Services each term.

3.Upon subsequent application for admission or readmission to a University of Lethbridge program, courses completed via Open Studies may be counted for credit toward the student’s program only with the expressed permission of the Faculty or School offering that program. See the appropriate Faculty/School part for more information.

4.Open Studies students must meet the University’s English Language Proficiency (ELP) Requirement (see Admission, English Language Proficiency (ELP)).

5.While under Open Studies student status, students are allowed a maximum of two grades below ‘C-’ at the undergraduate level. Any subsequent grade below ‘C-’ will result in permanent suspension of Open Studies student registration privileges. When an Open Studies student’s registration privileges has been suspended, the student may not register in a course until they have been admitted to a University of Lethbridge program.

6.Open Studies students are not eligible to use the Credit/Non-Credit designation.

7.Open Studies students may apply for admission or readmission to a University of Lethbridge program. Courses completed via Open Studies student registration are considered in the admission decision process.

8.Only students who are admitted to a University of Lethbridge program may graduate with a University of Lethbridge credential. Open Studies students, including those who have been required to withdraw, must be admitted to a University program before they will be permitted to graduate. Students must fulfill program admission requirements for the Calendar year of admission. Students should see academic advising with regard to their Calendar year and graduation requirements.