Library Science   (LBSC)

Faculty of Arts and Science

Library Science 0520

Information Literacy

Credit hours: 3.00

Contact hours per week: 3-0-0

This course is designed to teach Library research skills and a companion set of study skills and computer skills that together will help students adjust to the university environment and enhance their opportunity for academic success. Students will learn how information is organized, how to search for and retrieve information using both print and online resources, and how to evaluate and use information. In formulating and conducting research strategies, students will also have the opportunity to develop skills in time management, goal setting, note taking and critical thinking, all of which are essential for success in any academic program.

Prerequisite(s):Admission to the Indigenous Student Success Cohort

Equivalent:Library Science 0500 (prior to 2016/2017)

Library Science 2000

Library Research and Information Systems

Credit hours: 3.00

Contact hours per week: 3-0-0

The conceptual framework and basic skills necessary to identify, locate and use a variety of information sources in various disciplines and types of libraries. Emphasis upon new developments and trends in information provision, including online catalogues, online databases, electronic journals and end-user searching.

Note:Students who complete both Liberal Education 1000 and Library Science 2000 may reduce the Liberal Education List Requirement by one course from each of the three lists. Library Science 2000 alone does not fulfill any list requirement.