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Dhillon School of Business

Accounting (ACCT)

Agricultural Enterprise Management (AGEM)

Finance (FINC)

Human Resources and Labour Relations (HRLR)

Indigenous Governance and Business Management (IGBM)

International Management (IMGT)

Management (MGT)

Marketing (MKTG)

English Language Institute

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Faculty of Arts and Science

Agricultural Biotechnology (AGBT)

Agricultural Studies (AGST)

Anthropology (ANTH)

Applied Studies (APST)

Archaeology (ARKY)

Arts and Science (ASCI)

Asian Studies (ASIA)

Astronomy (ASTR)

Biochemistry (BCHM)

Biology (BIOL)

Blackfoot (BKFT)

Canadian Studies (CNST)

Chemistry (CHEM)

Computer Science (CPSC)

Cree (CREE)

Economics (ECON)

Engineering (ENGG)

English (ENGL)

Environmental Science (ENVS)

French (FREN)

Geography (GEOG)

Hebrew (HEBR)

Hispanic Studies (HPST)

History (HIST)

Indigenous Student Success Cohort (ISSC)

Indigenous Studies (INDG)

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDST)

Japanese (JPNS)

Japanese Studies (JPST)

Kinesiology (KNES)

Latin (LATI)

Library Science (LBSC)

Linguistics (LING)

Logic (LOGI)

Mathematics (MATH)

Neuroscience (NEUR)

Philosophy (PHIL)

Physical Activity (PHAC)

Physics (PHYS)

Political Science (POLI)

Psychology (PSYC)

Religious Studies (RELS)

Remote Sensing (RMTS)

Sociology (SOCI)

Spanish (SPAN)

Statistics (STAT)

Urban and Regional Studies (UBRE)

Women and Gender Studies (WGST)

Writing (WRIT)

Faculty of Education

Career Development (CDEV)

Education (EDUC)

Faculty of Fine Arts

Art (ART)

Art History (ARHI)

Cinema (CINE)

Drama (DRAM)

Fine Arts (FA)

Museum Studies (MSTU)

Music (MUSI)

Music Ensemble Activity (MUSE)

Music Studio (MUSS)

New Media (NMED)

Faculty of Health Sciences

Aboriginal Health (ABHL)

Addictions Counselling (ADCS)

Health Sciences (HLSC)

Nursing (NURS)

Public Health (PUBH)

Therapeutic Recreation (TREC)

School of Liberal Education

Liberal Education (LBED)