Together with you

We know this term isn't easy

Being a student during a pandemic can be lonely, frustrating and tough. But you're tougher. You've gained the ability to persevere and solve problems, skills you'll use throughout your education, your career and your lifetime.

You've made it this far... Together, we'll get to the bright times ahead, and we have a variety of supports and services to help you along the way.

With a little help from your friends

Online learning develops new skill sets in uLethbridge students

Art History and Museum Studies student Kelsey Black's online learning experience prepared her to tackle the world of virtual summer camps and online engagement for the uLethbridge Art Gallery.

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Five questions with alumna Mariam Ullah (BMgt '20)

Heralding from Yellowknife N.W.T., Dhillon School of Business graduate Mariam Ullah came all the way to Lethbridge A.B. to pursue a Bachelor of Management in Accounting.

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Five questions with alumna Jamie Lewis (BA (Co-op) '20)

Jamie Lewis, a BA graduate with a double major in anthropology and religious studies, is this year's recipient of the Faculty of Arts & Science Gold Medal (Arts).

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