Recruit on campus

CES is pleased to facilitate your recruitment of University of Lethbridge students and alumni. The following procedures are guidelines for accessing our services, but CES is flexible and adaptable to your recruitment processes. If you have a new idea for a recruitment activity or event don't hesitate to tell us. We can let you know if it's feasible and give you an honest opinion on how we think it will be received by students.

Procedures for Employers

Posting a Job

We are pleased to provide access free of charge to our CES job board which is restricted to current U of L students and alumni. Simply go to the following link, create a company profile (one-time) and post your opportunities: /ross/ces/job-board You can login to manage your own job postings. This allows you to post new jobs, review your posting history and change your company profile.

Interviewing On Campus

On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) can be arranged by calling CES and scheduling a date to conduct interviews on campus or by completing our 'request for service' form. Space is limited and scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you have scheduled a date, you will receive a confirmation email. We can also assist you with setting up interviews by telephone or on-site at your offices. PLEASE NOTE: CES manages the OCR process for our campuses in Lethbridge, Calgary and Edmonton, so you can conduct interviews at all locations.

Participating in Career Events or Booking Information Sessions

Having a consistent presence on campus can have an impact on whether students perceive you as a potential employer. We welcome you on campus to participate in events such as the annual Career Fair or to conduct information sessions or individual booths throughout the year. Information on events will be available as they are developed and you can book sessions or booths by completing our online form.

Company Information

CES strives to provide our students and graduates with access to your most current corporate/company information, therefore we would like to provide your website whenever possible. We can include it as a link on our homepage if you wish. Although we are moving away from hard-copy information in our Career Resources Library, we are pleased to provide information on your current (immediate) recruiting activities to University of Lethbridge students and alumni.

Graduate Employment Services

CES continues to serve U of L students upon graduation. We maintain a GES email list and our Alumni are directed to the on-line CES job board for opportunities. We do our best to target alumni in specific disciplines if you require a quicker response from graduates. Contact our office directly and provide details of positions suitable for graduates.

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