Direct them to us and let them know that all future accommodation requests should be done through us.


According to Uleth Policy: Instructors must: i) refer to the Accommodated Learning Centre all students who self-identify with a disability; ii) refer to the Accommodated Learning Centre those students who the Instructor suspects may require disability and/or academic support services provided by the Accommodated Learning Centre. iii) forward any academic accommodation requests and any documentation regarding disability, provided by the student, to the Accommodated Learning Centre;

No, all accommodations should be given to students through the ALC.


Uleth Policy: Students must:  ix) understand that the coordination, provision, implementation and/or delivery of academic accommodations cannot begin until a disability is disclosed and the documentation regarding disability has been received and reviewed by the Accommodated Learning Centre, and is subject to the limits of undue hardship;

Please do not refer them to the ALC for accommodations.  Students who are currently registered with the ALC are receiving regular updates and are aware of processes needed to communicate with our team.                                                                                                                                                

Students who have been diagnosed with Covid-19, have symptoms or are immune compromised would self-report their absence online.     

Please anticipate that:

  • You might be faced with significant numbers of students missing tests and assignment deadlines and final exams, and a subset who might become more seriously ill and may need to develop a plan for how to help students address academic needs;
  • You may receive questions related to their progress that require resources like Academic Advising to explore options; 
  • Students will be experiencing emotional distress. Counselling Services are still available.              

All students are responsible for booking exams independently using our on-line booking system (Clockwork) that synchronizes with course details and disability information. 

  • This must occur within a seven (7) day booking deadline.  If you plan to deliver an evaluation (like a quick quiz) with less notice, the student must email exam.accommodations@uleth.ca and we will confirm it with you.
  • It is important for the student to know the format of the evaluation when booking (Non-Moodle, Moodle exam, Moodle time assignment etc.). If you have not established an exam duration, please instruct the student to use the course duration and let us know later if this has changed.  It is easier for us to work with a placeholder and adjust that time than to have nothing booked in our system.  Students must book exams using the classifications below:
    • Non-Moodle – Exam: is a quiz, test or exam that it set up and/or sent to the class using a means other than Moodle.  If an exam is sent to students via email, or is set up in a program such as Crowdmark, Jupyter, WeBWork etc., students should be instructed to book it as “Non-Moodle Exam” on ClockWork.  When students select “Non-Moodle – Exam” on ClockWork, it triggers us to send an email to the Professor outlining which accommodations need to be put in place for the exam.    
    • Moodle – Exam: is a quiz, test or exam that is set up in the quiz tool portion of Moodle.  When students select “Moodle – Exam” on ClockWork, it triggers us to send an email to The Teaching Centre to apply the accommodations on the backend of Moodle.   
    • Moodle – Assignment (With a Time Limit): is an assessment that is set up under the assignment portion of Moodle.  The most common assignment category is a Moodle Drop Box Assignment.  When students select “Moodle – Assignment (With a Time Limit)”, it triggers us to send an email to the Teaching Centre and alerts them that they will need to look under “assignments” within Moodle, rather than in the quiz section. 
    • In-person - Exam: is an exam that must take place on campus due to the course being conducted in-person. When students select “In-person - Exam”, it triggers us to send an email to the professor discussing accommodation needs, book testing rooms, and schedule supervisors for the exam. 
  • For all Moodle evaluations we will work directly with the Teaching Centre to adjust for time extensions and technology compatibility.
  • However, for any evaluation outside of Moodle, you will receive a notification email from our Exam Coordinator for your upcoming "Non-Moodle” exams with students and applicable accommodations. Instructors will directly ensure that applicable accommodations are in place. 
  • For all correspondence  related to exams, please contact exam.accommodations@uleth.ca and Annette will be happy to assist you.

No. This is for course materials.  They should receive them with the rest of the students unless you arranged for them to write early.  Part of the reason they get the extra time is to make the adjustments for their technology use.  They would easily be able to open your email, save the document and move right into using their technology.  They may prefer to enable the text to voice program right in their device as well. If the student has Audio/ Kurzweil accommodation, sending both the Word Document (or whatever they are supposed to answer on) as well as a PDF version will allow for ease of access. 

These letters are to alert you to the potential need for extra support for these students. This often involves giving extra time for exams, but can also include tutoring or learning strategy support, the use of supportive technologies, or having materials delivered in a different format. We will contact you again if we need your assistance with providing more support.

If you are administering your course and exams through Moodle, we will take care of everything and you don't have to do anything.

If you are administering your exams through another platform, you may receive reminder emails from us requesting that you adjust times or ensure that student's supportive programs will work with your exam.

Thank you so much for supporting our students!

No, you are not require to accommodate according to student's work schedules. This is a student preference and not an accommodation requirement. Students are responsible for booking off work time and adjusting their schedule according to their classes and exams.


The Accommodated Learning Centre has already ensured that students registered with our centre for Fall 2020 and approved for these accommodations have access to Kurzweil (text-to-speech software) through our Web Subscription or their own stand-alone software. Kurzweil has been enabled as a default on Moodle for all ALC students. However, students will require internet access without a locked browser to use this for their exams. 

If a student contacts you indicating that they require this accommodation, but do not have access to it, please have them contact the Accommodated Learning Centre via email at megan.paul@uleth.ca.  

The National Centre on Disability and Access to Education has a Cheatsheet on that: 

NCDAE - Captioning Youtube Videos

Please feel free to make use of the one-page cheatsheets on The National Centre on Disability and Access to Education website, which includes PDF documents: 

NCDAE - Resources and Cheatsheets

Here is a great resource for adding Alternative Text to images within Microsoft programs:

Support Office - Add alternative text to a shape, picture, chart, SmartArt graphic, or other object

Moodle can also incorporate Alternative Text for images. Any time an image is uploaded (including to exams) image properties are requested, which includes space to “describe this image for someone who cannot see it”.