Covid-19 campus restrictions and reliance on remote communication platforms has necessitated significant changes to the exam accommodation services provided by the Accommodated Learning Centre.  During the fall 2020 semester, we are unable to host exams for remote delivery on campus as we maintain limited access to campus. We tested a number of supervision strategies and consulted with colleagues at other post secondary institutions.  This has led to a decision that supervising remotely through Zoom or other video conferencing platforms is not practical or in the best interest of students with disabilities.

Our staff will be working closely with students to provide support, technology and resources for success in the remote environment. The Accommodated Learning Centre Team is available to support instructors in determining how best to accommodate students given the format and/or platform of their online exam. 

Extra time consideration (extended time)
Instructors are asked to manage extended time for each scheduled exam. In order that the appropriate time is applied, students will require the expected completion time of their evaluation so that they can book their exams into our system correctly.  Instructors who provide generous extended time deadlines to all students writing exams must ensure that students with accommodations are provided the accommodation time extension in addition to expected completion time.  

Exams using proctoring software like Respondus, Proctorio or Canvas Lockdown Browser

For fall 2020, the University of Lethbridge will not be implementing or supporting automated remote proctoring software. Exam invigilation programs can compromise use of assistive technology and/or create linear exams in which students are not able to review their work. If you are planning to use this type of proctoring program you may need to provide an alternative to students for whom these platforms are not accessible and make arrangements to supervise this exam through monitoring the exam or assigning a teaching assistant to do so.

Private or distraction reduced space
Students are responsible for establishing an appropriate testing environment including suitable space, disruption free time and appropriate technology to write their exams. We have been working with students to assist them with creating a home environment conducive to success. 

Use of Alternate Formats and Specialized Technologies
Students who use Kurzweil text reader software or Dragon writing software will continue to require this accommodation.   Alternate formats will be requested by the ALC for students who are not able to write the exam with the format chosen by the instructor.  Ideal format is a Word (.doc) file that can be downloaded to the student’s computer or a readable PDF.

Adaptive software/technology
Students who require this technology should already have it installed on their personal computers. By purchasing a web-based subscription, Kurzweil text reader has been pushed out to any registered student who may benefit.  Many students own personal copies of Kurzweil and Dragon text writer software. We have developed/posted a number of resources to assist students with using the built in accessibility features in their devices. https://www.uleth.ca/ross/accommodated-learning-centre/accessibility-features

In person supports for complex needs
A small number of students have been identified as having significant, complex physical and sensory needs. They many have sight and mobility considerations that will require an Educational Assistant as confirmed by their disability documentation.  For the few students who require this type of support (scribe or mobility assistant) the ALC team will plan directly with the instructor and student to find appropriate accommodation.

In person courses (Face to Face)

For on campus classes exclusively, we will have a testing room operating out of SU063 complying with Covid-19 guidelines.  Students may choose to write in class or access their accommodations by booking with ALC. We have the capacity to allow no more than eight (8) students to write at one time and exams will be scheduled according to space availability in two daily shifts. You may be contacted to approve a time change for your student.  No last minute rescheduling will be possible.

Traditional take home exams, open book exams and timed assignments
Take home exams may be used where students are given more than 24 hours to complete the exam. The accommodation of extended time does not typically apply in these cases. Time extensions are usually based on expected completion time rather than time allocated.  There may be some exceptions, so consult with the ALC if you have questions about this format of exam and applicable accommodations.

Exam Accommodations Processes You Can Expect
Student Role:

Seven days prior to the exam, students are required to book their exam using our internal Clockwork data base.  It is important for the student to know the expected completion time of the exam and the format of the evaluation when booking (paper, Moodle exam, Moodle time assignment etc.). 

Students must book exams using the classifications below:

  • Paper – Exam: A quiz, test or exam that it set up and/or sent to the class using a means other than Moodle.  If an exam is sent to students via email, or is set up in a program such as Crowdmark, Jupyter, WeBWork, students should be instructed to book it as “paper-based” on ClockWork.  When students select “Paper – Exam” on ClockWork, it triggers us to send an email to the Professor/Instructor outlining which accommodations need to be put in place for the exam. 
  • Moodle – Exam: is a quiz, test or exam that is set up in the quiz tool portion of Moodle.  When students select “Moodle – Exam” on ClockWork, it triggers us to send an email to The Teaching Centre to apply the accommodations on the backend of Moodle. 
  • Moodle – Assignment (With a Time Limit): is an assessment that is set up under the assignment portion of Moodle.  The most common assignment category is a Moodle Drop Box Assignment.  When students select “Moodle – Assignment (With a Time Limit)”, it triggers us to send an email to the Teaching Centre and alerts them that they will need to look under “assignments” within Moodle, rather than in the quiz section. 

ALC Role:

Five business days before the “paper-based” exam, Professors/Instructors will receive an email from exam.accommodations@uleth.ca reminding them that an ALC registered student(s) has requested accommodations for that exam. This email lists the student name, ID number and accommodations for each student, including the time extension if relevant.

If you are using Moodle for your exam, the ALC will work directly with the Teaching Centre to ensure that this extension is in place. If you intend to add your own extensions, please alert the Teaching Centre or ALC as not doing so will result in the student receiving double the extension.

The ALC Team will work directly with the student to ensure that the student has the appropriate learning and exam environment.  Where appropriate, our Strategist team will be assisting students with study and exam taking strategies in preparation for their exam. 

Professor/Instructor Role:

For any evaluation outside of Moodle, Professors/Instructors will directly ensure that applicable accommodations are in place.  In these alternate formats, if the student identifies the exam as “paper-based”, and books it in Clockwork, we become aware of the exam and are able to notify and assist you.

If you are supervising or have arranged supervision of the exam for the students in your course, you will also need to build in that extra time in your schedule.  Overlapping classes may mean starting the exam earlier for accommodated students or arranging a Teaching Assistant to take over. 

If you are unsure about how to update the date and time settings or provide any other accommodations in the exam setting, you can contact the ALC here: exam.accommodations@uleth.ca.

A Note on Complications:

Students have been advised that any circumstances that prevent them from starting or completing their exam that are outside of their disability related accommodations must be resolved directly with Professors/Instructors.