Partners in Accommodation!


The Accommodated Learning Centre takes great pride in the partnerships we hold with our great faculty here at the University of Lethbridge. Without the commitment, understanding, and extra efforts of the amazing professors, our students would not have the quality of supports they currently have. Accommodation in post-secondary can be challenging, but the level of collaboration put forth by this campus community makes accommodation a streamlined process.

The ALC team is committed to good communication and support with our faculty partners, please do not hesistate to contact us at any time to discuss any matter related to accommodation and please note that accommodations can be modified to suit certain in-class limitations.

It is important to note that most accommodations are mandatory, however there is a level of flexibility when it comes to certain supports.  Please connect to discuss how alternatives may work best for the students' needs within your learning environment.   

More information can be found throughout this website.