ALC Intake Practices

All students registered with the Accommodated Learning Centre have met their program’s academic entrance requirements. The proposed adaptive measures aim to make education accessible while respecting the academic integrity of each course and program. Adaptive measures should never dilute the quality of an essay, a course or a diploma. Providing a student with adaptive measures and support is a matter of equity.

Students who register with the Accommodated Learning Centre complete an intake process that requires sound documentation of a diagnosed disability, mental health issue, or developmental limitation that significantly impacts their academic performance. This documentation comes with a wide range of recommendations for which the ALC team evaluates and discusses with the students and identifies what accommodations will work best in the post-secondary environment. The ALC only accepts recent, coherently written documentation from a licenced psychologist, psychiatrist or physician to ensure diagnostic testing was done within a governing bodies standards.

The ALC determines which accommodations to implement based primarily on:
• the recommendations outlined in a psycho-educational assessment report or in a letter from a family physician or another health specialist,
• the reality of the university context,
• the student’s experience and the skills he or she has developed, and
• the specifics of the program of study and courses.

In addition, The ALC performs a functional evaluation with the student, which provides valuable insight into both the difficulties at hand and the adaptive measures needed to minimize the impact of learning obstacles and facilitate the achievement of academic goals. Not all adaptive measures are appropriate in all contexts.

If you have any questions related to our intake process, please do not hesitate to contact us.