Working Alone

“Working Alone” means to perform work at a work site in circumstances where:

  • a worker is working by themselves in an office, laboratory, workshop, vehicle, field site or any other University of Lethbridge property or worksite
  • assistance is not readily available in the event of and injury, illness or emergency

Part 28 of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code requires employers to assess their workplace and take preventative measures that eliminate or minimize hazards associated with working alone.

The University’s Working Alone Protocol has been developed to:

  • promote awareness and facilitate safety when working alone or in isolation, and
  • ensure compliance with provincial and federal safety legislation.

Supervisors can use the Working Alone Procedure template to create a standard operating procedure specific for their work unit.  

Employees and students can also use the Work Alone feature of the uLethbridge Safe app to enhance their personal safety and security while working or studying alone on campus. 



AB OHS Working Alone Requirements