WHMIS Labels

Create WHMIS labels using the templates provided below:

WHMIS Label Template Avery 22827 (large)

WHMIS Label Template Avery 5164 (medium)

WHMIS label Template Avery 48163 (small - this label does not contain pictograms)

To assist in completing the new WHMIS 2015 label requirements use the following website https://chemicalsafety.com/sds-search/

  • Download the selected template from the web browser to be able to access all the controls of the template.
  • Copy and paste the hazard statements and precautions into the label templates.
  • The GHS hazard symbols in the templates are greyed out but you can click whichever ones that are appropriate to make them appear/disappear or you clear them with the button (which does not actually get printed).

For small containers (100 mL) or less the label only requires the “Product Name”, and the words “See SDS”.

Questions??? Contact Safety Services.