U of L WHMIS Program

The University's WHMIS Program includes training and resources that ensure the health and safety of University personnel and students who work with hazardous chemicals and it enables compliance with regulatory requirements. Detailed WHMIS Program information is available HERE.

WHMIS Training:

Anyone working with or in close proximity to WHMIS hazardous products must receive generic and job-specific WHMIS training.

WHMIS 2015 Training (generic) is available on the Safety Services Training Webpage. Recertification is required every 3 years.

Supervisors/instructors are also required to provide job-specific WHMIS training for the hazardous products used on the job or during academic studies.

Labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS):

Customizable WHMIS Workplace Labels are available HERE.

SDS may be uploaded into CHEMATIX or maintained as hard copy. In either case, workers and students must have access to this information at all times.

WHMIS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Contact Safety Services for information or advice on WHMIS 2015. Addtional information is also provided in the RESOURCES section below.


WHMIS 2015 How Does It Affect Me?

WHMIS 2015 - Information for Employers

WHMIS 2015 - Information for Workers

WHMIS Portal

CCOHS_WHMIS 2015 Information.pdf (This series of documents outlines the requirements for WHMIS 2015)