Training certificates provided by Safety Services are valid for three years unless otherwise indicated.

Asbestos Awareness Training

This training provides information on the different types of asbestos, hazards, safe work practices, and the University’s Asbestos Management Plan. (Note: this course is “awareness’ only. Workers who are required to conduct asbestos abatements must receive additional training that is approved by the Alberta Government.)

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Biosafety Training

Biosafety and biosecurity principles, overview of the University’s Biosafety Program, and awareness on dual-use and the responsible conduct of research.

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CHEMATIX Chemical Inventory System

Adding/removing chemicals and users, finding chemicals in the system, submitting a waste card for monthly hazardous waste collection, transferring chemicals to a new storage location, adding chemicals to campus surplus, finding chemical hazard information, emergency responder access to hazard information.

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Contractor Management

This training is for University of Lethbridge employees who hire contractors or service providers to conduct work for the University.

Learn about your responsibilities and procedures that must be followed to comply with Alberta's OHS legislation and applicable University's policies.

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Cryogen Safety Training

Part 1 – This online training is required for University personnel that handle cryogens (e.g. liquid nitrogen, dry ice)
Topics include hazards associated with cryogens, safe work practices and emergency procedures.

Part 2 – This is a practical session for University personnel who are required to use cryogens. This training is provided by your lab supervisor. Your supervisor must complete the training and competency record provided in the Cryogen Safety Manual. 

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Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire extinguishers are only valuable safety devices when you know how to use them.  This one hour hands-on training session is provided by the Lethbridge Fire Department in collaboration with Safety Services.

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First Aid Training

Those who wish to complete First Aid Training for personal reasons may receive a 15% discount by registering as a U of L employee or student with St. John Ambulance.

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Hazard Assessment Training

Overview of hazard types and how to complete a formal and a field level Hazard Assessment.

WorkSafe Alberta provides three online training courses (ensure you follow the instructions on these web pages for downloading and viewing the training presentations):

  • Hazard Assessment & Control Webinar here,
  • Hazard Assessment Training here and
  • Recognizing Workplace Hazards Training here.   

It is recommended that this online training be completed prior to completing the UofL Hazard Assessment Training accessible by clicking the button below. A hands-on workshop session facilitated by Safety Services is also available upon request.

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Laboratory Safety Training

Identifying and controlling hazards, preventing laboratory accidents and incidents, responding to laboratory emergencies.

CURIE (the University’s insurer) has partnered with S2 Learning to provide an on-line course on basic laboratory safety training. You are required to create an account with S2 Learning and must retain the username and password created upon registration.

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Lab Safety Training for Non-Lab Personnel

Lab hazards, lab warning signs and labels, and protective measures.

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Laser Safety Training

Laser hazards, regulatory requirements and an overview of the University’s Laser Safety Program. Laser owners/PIs are required to provide additional training specific to the laser systems being used.

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Musculoskeletal Injury (MSI) & Material Handling Training

How musculoskeletal injuries occur and prevention methods.

Musculoskeletal Injury (MSI) Training: this 30-minute online module provides basic awareness on injuries, prevention strategies, and other resources to keep workers safe.

Move Safe Training: this 40-minute online module provides training on manual handling of objects or materials (e.g., lifting a box, pushing or pulling a cart or carrying objects).

Note - these courses are provided by Alberta Health Services and are applicable to any worker required to manually handle loads.

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Radiation Safety Training - Part 1

U of L Radiation Safety Program, legislation, biological and health effects of exposure, and hazard controls.

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Radiation Safety Training - Part 2

Contamination control and monitoring techniques, emergency procedures, and UofL Radiation Program elements.

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Radiation Safety Refresher Training

Review of basic radiation safety principles and the University’s Radiation Safety Program.

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Snake Awareness

The University's unique coulee location means we co-exist with wildlife, such as rattle snakes.  Learn about the different types of snakes around us and what to do if you see one.

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Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

Classifications, safety marks, shipping documents, means of containment, consignor/carrier responsibilities, safe handling and shipping practices and reporting.

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Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) - Class 7

Same as TDG above and includes a overview of radiation safety techniques and information specific to activity and content limits for radioactive shipments.

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WHMIS 2015 (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Training) - Faculty & staff

Supplier, employer and worker responsibilities, training requirements, pictograms, labels, hazard information and Safety Data Sheets.

** In order to meet legislated training requirements, this generic training must be supplemented by worksite training provided by the worker’s/student’s supervisor/instructor addressing the specific hazards at the worksite.

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X-Ray Safety Training

U of L X-ray Safety Program, biological and health effects of exposure, types of x-ray equipment, hazard controls, and legislation.

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