Respirator Fit-Testing and Training

Respirator Fit-Testing Instructions:

STEP 1. The requirement for the use of a respirator is identified by hazard assessment. Supervisors will review respiratory hazards with Workers and identify the type of respirator required using the RESPIRATORY PROTECTION CODE OF PRACTICE, Safety Data Sheets and guidance of Safety Services.

STEP 2. Supervisors complete a RESPIRATOR FIT-TEST REQUEST FORM and submit it to Safety Services.

STEP 3. Workers complete the RESPIRATOR USER SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE and submit it to Safety Services. Information submitted will be assessed by the Safety Services, Health and Safety Advisor (Occupational Health Nurse) and fit-testing will be completed as appropriate to the individual. The Supervisor and Worker will be contacted about dates/times of fit-testing.

STEP 4. Training for use and maintenance of respirators must be completed before the fit-testing appointment. Complete the following:

Training will also be provided at the fit-testing session.

Respirator Use Instruction Sheets and addtional videos are provided in the RESOURCES section of the main Respiratory Protection webpage.

STEP 5. Safety Services will authorize arrangements for a Fit-Test appointment (either on or off-campus) and will contact the supervisor and worker with further instructions.

After the initial fit-test, workers must be fit tested every two years for the respirators that they use.

Contact Safety Services for further information.