Orientation & Training

Worker training and orientation is a key element of the EHSMS. The University considers health and safety to be an important part of the work process, and employees must be aware of how to do their jobs safely.

Some training is required by law. If the work being carried out is considered hazardous, Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation requires an employer to ensure the worker is competent or is under the direct supervision of a competent worker.

A competent worker is one who is adequately qualified, suitably trained, and has sufficient experience to carry out the work safely.

The Orientation and Training Standard defines responsibilities, references procedures to be followed and provides guidelines for ensuring competency.

TRAINING: Campus Safety offers numerous health and safety training courses in order to manage hazards and meet regulatory requirements. More information is available on the Training Webpage.



EHS Orientation Guide

Site-specific Orientation Checklist

Laboratory Personnel Training Record (template)

Training Matrix