Lab Training

Principal Investigators and Lab Supervisors must ensure that lab personnel receive appropriate site-specific orientation and training.

Use the Site-specific Orientation Checklist to document the lab orientation.

Use the Laboratory Personnel Training Record to document lab training.

Refer to the University's Orientation & Training webpage for addtional forms and resources.

Safety Services provides generic Lab Safety Training courses online:

  • Students: An introductory course on basic lab safety is provided to undergraduate students through S2 Learning as part of their wet lab course requirements.

  • Employees: University employees can access basic training here: Lab Safety Training

    Coming soon: Lab Safety Training for Research Laboratories
  • Non-Lab Personnel: Safety training is required for all Unversity personnel who are not lab workers but may need to enter a lab in the course of their duties. Examples are Facilities (Building Maintenance, Utilities, Caretakers), ITS and Materials Management employees. This training can be accessed here: Lab Safety Training for Non-Lab Personnel

Contact Safety Services for advice on lab safety training.


Safety Services Training Webpage

Lab Safety Videos