Hazardous Waste Management

Safety Services is responsible for the management and administration of the University's Hazardous Waste Management Plan in accordance with the following procedures:

Chemical Waste Disposal

In compliance with Government regulations, Safety Services coordinates the collection and transportation of hazardous wastes generated by Departments within the University Community. CHEMATIX is an online system used to manage chemical inventory and waste disposal for the University. Use the links below to learn more about how to submit requests for chemical waste disposal with CHEMATIX.


Radioactive Waste Disposal

Radioactive Waste Disposal Procedure: All disposal activities must be coordinated and approved by the Radiation Safety Officer. See section 9 of the U of L Radiation Safety and Procedures Manual for details. Disposal requests must be submitted using the Radioactive Waste Disposal form.


Laboratory/Medical Sharps Waste

Laboratories are responsible to provide hard sided sharps containers for disposal of laboratory/medical sharps waste (needles, razors, scalpels). These containers can be purchased from scientific or safety vendors. Disposal of laboratory/medical sharps waste is coordinated by the Biosafety Officer.


Glass Disposal

All non laboratory sharp items, (i.e. broken glass, metal, light bulbs, etc.) should be boxed or bagged separately and labeled so that the Caretakers are aware of the hazard. In addition, you may also call Caretaking at 329-2060 to provide notification.

Glass disposal boxes are available for use in laboratories. Contact Caretaking (329-2060) to make arrangements for this service.


Labelling Hazardous Waste Containers

All waste containers must be made of materials that are compatible with the contents and have a legible label identifying the contents, its hazardous properties and the contact information for the person responsible for the waste.

Contact Safety Services for hazardous waste labels.