First Aid Response

Campus Security Representatives are the University’s 24/7 First Responders and provide First Aid services

  • Contact Security Services: 403.329.2345 (2345 from an in-house phone)
  • Serious injury or illness: call 911 immediately.

Note: At the 1st Choice Savings Centre, Sports and Recreation (SRS) Operations staff are first aid trained with specialty pool/water/sport emphasis and may act as first aid responders in that area/department.

Security Services - First Aid

Designated First Aiders

Campus Safety manages the University’s Designated First Aider (DFA) services to ensure consistent provision of first aid services throughout campus. The Designated First Aider Guide provides details of this service. DFAs are employees appointed to provide first aid services and receive training in First Aid/CPR (typically Standard First Aid Level C CPR/AED). DFAs also receive secondary on-line training on their responsibilities within the University’s First Aid Program. Designated First Aiders include:

  • Security Representatives as the U of L 24/7 First Aid Responders on campus.
  • Safety Services Registered Nurse with Advanced First Aid training.
  • Sport and Recreation Services staff have specialty pool/water/sport first aid training.
  • Some employees are also DFAs based on the hazards assessed in their area (e.g. risk level of work conducted, location/remoteness of the worksite, types of hazards) and are appointed on a case-by-case basis within work units.


Transportation of Injured Persons Procedure