Fire Prevention and Protection

Everyone has a right to a safe workplace and every worker has a responsibility to themselves and others to play their part in ensuring safety across the campus. Ensure you are familiar with the evacuation procedure and assembly point for your location. Evacuation maps are posted throughout all buildings on each floor.



The University is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of fire safety for all employees, students and others who may be affected by the University's activities. Campus Safety oversees the following responsibilities:

  • Safe evacuation of buildings through education, fire protection equipment and code conformity.
  • Fire prevention through providing training, support and the necessary safety procedures for the protection of people and property.
  • Emergency response and preparedness for the protection of the Campus community.
  • Testing, inspection and repairs of fire protection equipment.

The key legislation covering fire safety is the Alberta Fire Code.

For more information contact Safety Services     


Smudging Procedures and Policy

Events and Planning

Assembly Points

Residence Fire Safety Tips

Inspection Checklist