Field/Off-Campus Activity Safety

Field or off-campus activities are an important part of teaching and research at U of L. These are activities conducted at another site, whether locally, regionally, or internationally, it is important to plan and prepare for health and safety problems which be might encountered in the field. The U of L Safety Guidelines for Field Activities is to be a resource for information, guidelines, policies, and procedures that will enable and encourage those working in the field or other off-campus sites to work safely and eliminate, or reduce, the potential for exposure to hazardous materials or conditions in the field.

The Field Activity Safety Plan Checklist (Research Activities) or Off Campus Activity Safety Plan Template (Teaching Activities) will be completed by Faculty member, Principal Investigator (PI) and/or supervisory personnel. The completed checklist should be used as an orientation and training tool for students and staff. As part of the checklist a hazard assessment for the field activities must be completed. The Field Activity Hazard Assessment Guide can be used as a template in developing your site/research specific hazard assessment.

It is intended that the Faculty member, Principal Investigator (PI) and supervisory personnel will supplement this information with instruction and guidance regarding specific practices and procedures unique to the work being done in the field.

For more specific information on field activities hazards and precautions, talk to your supervisor, or contact Safety Services for advice.


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