Fall Protection

Part 9 of the Alberta OHS Code outlines legislative requirements for working from heights and fall protection:

Section 140 of the Code states:

140(1) An employer must develop procedures that comply with this Part in a fall protection plan for a work site if a worker at the work site may fall 3 metres or more and the worker is not protected by guardrails.

140(2) A fall protection plan must specify (a) the fall hazards at the work site, (b) the fall protection system to be used at the work site, (c) the anchors to be used during the work, (d) that clearance distances below the work area, if applicable, have been confirmed as sufficient to prevent a worker from striking the ground or an object or level below the work area, (e) the procedures used to assemble, maintain, inspect, use and disassemble the fall protection system, where applicable, and (f) the rescue procedures to be used if a worker falls and is suspended by a personal fall arrest system or safety net and needs to be rescued.

140(3) The employer must ensure that the fall protection plan is available at the work site and is reviewed with workers before work with a risk of falling begin.

140(4) The employer must ensure that the plan is updated when conditions affecting fall protection change.

Alberta OHS Code Part 9: http://work.alberta.ca/documents/WHS-LEG_ohsc_2009.pdf

Alberta OHS Code Part 9 Explanation Guide: http://work.alberta.ca/documents/WHS-LEG_ohsc_p09.pdf

Alberta OHS Government Bulletin on Fall Protection (including Fall Protection Plan Template): AB OHS_2012-12-Fall-Protection-Plan-GS010.pdf

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