Electrical Safety

All electrical systems have the potential to cause harm. When handled improperly, electricity can result in serious injuries. People are injured when they become part of the electrical circuit.

Remember the basic rule of thumb:

Consider all electrical wires and equipment to be live until they are

tested and proven otherwise.

When importing electrical equipment into Canada, all Canadian provinces have adopted the CSA electrical standards, which means that certification is mandatory for all electrical products to be installed in Canada. Standata Leg-ECR-2 on Electrical Safety provides information on importing electrical equipment into Canada.

Faculty and staff may choose to purchase or bring their own electrical appliances into their workspaces to improve their workplace experience. Even small appliances may impact the building systems. The Electrical Appliance Safety Bulletin provides information on both small and large appliance installation Electrical Appliance Safety Bulletin (003).pdf

Limits of Approach are the safe distances that people or equipment must maintain from exposed energized power lines or equipment, which vary depending on system voltage and the training and experience of the individual.

If you have questions or require information on electrical safety, contact Safety Services.