EHS Policy and Responsibilities

The University of Lethbridge Environment Health and Safety (EHS) Policy is the foundation for the Environment, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS). All faculty members, employees, students, volunteers, contractors and visitors are required to comply with the University’s EHS policy as well as all related procedures, codes of practice, guidelines and all applicable legislation.

Responsibilites for health and safety are defined in the Policy and the EHSMS. Learn more about leadership, commitment and responsibilities here.

The EHSMS Responsiblity Summary provides a concise list of responsibilities for employees and supervisors.

Supervisors can use the Worksite Tours Template to document informal worksite visits.

The following resources from Alberta Occupational Health and Safety also outline general roles and responsibilities for employers, supervisors and workers:

Occupational Health and Safety_Employer's Guide_LI009.pdf

Occupational Health and Safety_Worker's Guide_LI008.pdf

Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities_BP020.pdf

OHS & the Internal Responsibility System

Internal Responsibility System (webinar)