Duty-Free Alcohol (Ethanol)

Duty-free alcohol (ethanol) is regulated by Excise Canada (Canada Customs and Revenue Agengy) and has specific licencing, use, storage and record-keeping requirements.

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency requires that ethanol storage cabinets be kept locked at all times and that a record of all ethanol usage be kept.

The inventory record must detail the date, quantity of ethanol received or dispensed, the balance on hand, a signature of the recipient, and the purpose for ethanol dispensation (note: this must be for scientific research purposes only).

Use the CHEMATIX chemical inventory system to record bulk quantities of duty-free alcohol. DETAILED RECORDS MUST ALSO BE MAINTAINED AS HARD COPY, KEPT UP-TO-DATE AND AVAILABLE FOR INSPECTION AT ALL TIMES.

Use the EXCISE CANADA ALCOHOL INVENTORY FORM to maintain hard copy records.