Contractor Management


The University of Lethbridge Contractor Safety Standard defines responsibilities and procedures that must be followed when contractors,suppliers and service providers are conducting work on Univeristy properties.

All contractors are required to meet or exceed the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulation and Code, and conduct their activities in accordance with the applicable University's policies and procedures.

Safety Services has developed a comprehensive Contractor Safety Program to protect health and safety when another employer or self-employed person is involved in work at the work site, including criteria for evaluating and selecting and for regularly monitoring those employers and self-employed persons. This applies to all contracted workers, including prime contractors, general contractors, sub-contractors, service contractors and consultants. This program defines the responsibilities of all workplace parties involved in its administration and implementation. Contractor pre-qualification and health and safety performance is a critical factor in the awarding and renewal of University contracts.


The UofL Procurement of Goods and Services Policy includes special procurement requirements and approvals when regulatory compliance and specific health and safety procedures are required. This applies to materials such as biological pathogens, radioactive materials, designated radiation equipment, commercial alcohol, drugs/narcotics, and other controlled substances.

University employees that purchase these items are responsible for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and applicable University procedures.