Cryogen Safety

Information on the safe handling of cryogens can be found in the Cryogen Safety Manual

Anyone using cryogens (e.g. liquid nitrogen, liquid helium, dry ice) requires cryogen safety training.

It is the responsibility of PI or Supervisor to ensure that all staff and students have completed cryogen training BEFORE working with cryogens. All cryogen training needs to be documented and retained by the PI or Supervisor.

Training is provided in two parts:

Part One - general cryogen safety training found on Safety Services Training tab.

Part Two - job specific cryogen training is to be completed in the worksite with PI or Supervisor. This training will include practical hands-on training for using the liquid nitrogen filling station and job-specific training including safe work procedures to be used by the employee (student) while fulfilling his/her work duties.

Cryogen Training is to be documented using the Cryogen Safety Training and Competency Record