Asbestos Training


ASBESTOS AWARENESS PRESENTATION - the purpose of this presentation is to familiarize faculty and staff with asbestos, it’s health effects and associated hazards as well as recognition of asbestos materials on campus. This presentation is located at: Faculty-Staff Asbestos Awareness SEPT 22 2015.pdf

FACILITY WORKER ASBESTOS TRAINING (Low & Medium Risk Abatement) - the purpose of this training course is to familairze workers with: the health effects and associated hazards of asbestos; recognition of asbestos materials on campus; safe work procedures; and the University of Lethbridge's Asbestos Management Plan. This training alone does not qualify workers to remove asbestos materials following low, moderate or high risk abatement procedures.

The information provided in this training is to be used in conjunction with the Alberta Asebestos Abatement Manual and Section 15 of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Regulations as well as Part 4, Section 37 of the Occupational Health and Safety Code to perform low and/or moderate risk asbestos abatement. This training course along with on-the-job training/supervision and safe work procedures will prepare workers for the removal of low and moderate risk abatements. For more information on this training, please contact

HIGH RISK ABATEMENT TRAINING - High risk abatement requires an external course by an approved training agency. Course information can be found at