RSF allocations

uLethbridge has flexibility in determining how best to allocate the grant, provided the funds are used to defray indirect costs in the five expenditure categories:



Research Facilities


Research Resources


Management & Administration


Regulatory Requirements & Accreditation


Intellectual Property & Commercialization




In 2021/22 the University of Lethbridge will invest the RSF in:

  • Funding tanks for storage of liquid nitrogen.
  • Funding to partially offset the cost Canadian Research Knowledge Network access to digital content for the academic research enterprise and annual license for a Curriculum Vitae (CV) management tool.
  • Maintaining the support infrastructure required for the research enterprise. The staff support the researchers in all aspects of research administration including grant applications, grant administration, and reporting.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Providing administrative support to increase collaborative research with external partners.