The UILO Manager will work closely with the inventor(s) and a chosen intellectual property (IP) law firm to craft a compelling and thorough US Provisional Application to obtain a Priority Date. A US Provisional Application is NOT a PATENT as it will not have been reviewed by a Patent Officer at the US Patents and Trademarks Office. At 12 months from the Priority Date, the decision to either submit a US Patent Application or enter the PCT Phase to enable IP protection across chosen jurisdictions and countries will be determined.

If the PCT Phase is chosen, then, the patent is publicly disclosed through various IP Offices 18 months from the priority Date. Finally, at 30 months from the Priority Date, the PCT Patent enters the National Phase, which describes the protection applied for in a chosen set of countries and jurisdictions. The selection of jurisdictions depends on several factors, including potential market penetration, barrier to entry, competition, size of market, and potential licensing suitors. It is important to assess the IP based on these considerations as we move forward with commercialization.

As various stages of the protection process, we expect regular examinations, contested remarks from the Patent Examiners, translations from other Countries, annuity fees and maintenance fees as all contributing to the IP Management process.