Oct 25, 2017 - Understanding Childhood & Difference

Take Two Series: Understanding Childhood and Difference


Jeffrey MacCormack - Faculty of Education
Educational expert Jeffrey MacCormack describes his work on social play and play-based interventions for children and youth experiencing difficulty socializing and regulating emotions.

Abstract: It should not surprise us that children and adolescents can have a difficult time socializing; after all, understanding social interactions is not easy. For children and adolescents with specific difficulties with socializing, the consequences can be quite detrimental to their development. Fortunately, social play provides youngsters (with social difficulties) the opportunities they need to develop social competence. This talk will explore the value of social play with high interest activities, such as Lego™ and Minecraft™.


Jan Newberry - Anthropology - Faculty of Arts & Science
Anthropologist Jan Newberry discusses her “Raising Spirit” work with the Opokaa-sin Society Early Intervention Society to explore identity through children’s stories and images. Using diverse methods, both researchers examine childhood capacity building.

Abstract: Child development remains an unquestioned good. But, whose values drive intervention? Here, I report on Raising Spirit, a seven-year project on childrearing values among Blackfoot families. A variety of innovative methods were used to meet the needs of a community partner organization to articulate values whose transmission has been challenged by the colonial violence of residential schooling. Early analysis suggests that development – and not the child -- is the epistemological and ontological problem.